Sonoma-Marin Home Inspections Service Offerings

All inspections include the use of our suite of tools, including infrared cameras, boroscopes, etc.

Pre-purchase / Pre-listing Inspections

Our standard home inspection is what you want for a Real Estate transaction, a home refinance, or similar events. We only book two a day at most since they often run 5 hours, and promise to take our time and give you our full attention (no calls on the job, a touch of bulldog in the attitude, and your best interests at heart). We neither accept nor give referral perks, so there is no conflict of interest with realtors, contractors, or anyone else. You can instantly book one on our booking page.

Mold Inspections

We have certified mold inspectors on staff for inspections.

Water intrusion is the number one enemy of a home. Our mold inspections are largely water intrusion inspections, since that is the only way to deal with the root causes of your mold issues. You can save on lab fees and order a water intrusion inspection without lab sampling, and in some cases this is the more appropriate option.

You can instantly book on our booking page.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

Our home maintenance inspections are designed as a cooperation with the homeowner, and are recommended once every year, although you can choose other periods depending on your home's age, condition, and location - or just order a one-off inspection. We have a number of items we check which might go wrong without you being aware of it, or might be more serious than you think (for example, poorly draining gutters you may not notice can rot out your walls, subfloor, and severely impact indoor air quality). Along with this, if you have areas of concern we can take a more in-depth look to give you some advice.

Read more on our annual home maintenance inspections page, or you can instantly book one on our booking page.